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Tara Nepal

Tara revolves around the tagline "An Expression of Art". It strongly believes in bringing art, creativity, and a touch of philosophical inspiration through jewelry. The brand works toward the upliftment of its local crafters by inspiring them to create unique pieces.    Brand Promise:

  • High Quality craftsmanship
  • Attention to fine details
  • Made by local crafters in Nepal
  • Each piece has cultural symbolism

The Beekeeping Shop

The Beekeeping Shop (Beekeeping and Research Center), is a pioneer in beekeeping and marketing of bee products for more than two decades. It aims to promote and improve the beekeeping situation in Nepal and upgrade the quality of Nepalese honey.    Brand Promise:

  • High quality and export compliant products
  • Environment friendly
  • Bee-friendly approach to yield honey
  • 100% pure with health benefits


Makkusé brings you an authentic taste from the magical, mystical land of The Himalayas. With an innovative touch to the recipes that have been passed down from generations, we labor to deliver a scrumptious experience in every bite. Makkusé simply means Scrumptious & Beyond Delicious in Newari. Our signature recipes originates from the Newari community.   Brand Promise:

  • An enriching fulfilling experience and Nepali Luxury
  • Every bite feels wholesome, and delectable
  • Usage of authentic generational recipes
  • Handcrafted in Nepal

Nepal Coffee Company

Nepal Coffee Company (NCC) produces premium, shade grown, certified  organic Arabica coffee from the beautiful Himalaya. Nepal's first coffee  company founded 40 years ago, proudly woman-led. Brand Promise:

  • Produces and promotes high quality Nepali coffee
  • Sustainably grown organic coffee
  • Family owned and operated since 1983
  • Empowers local women through employment

Coffee of Promise

Coffeeofpromise is the taste of love & hope. We strive to form profound partnerships with farmers from all over Nepal to create perspective together and form healthy working relationships built on trust and respect. We are committed to bringing the best selection of naturally grown, amazing-tasting, and in-season coffees to cafes and consumers in Nepal.   Brand Promise:

  • Ethically sourced from different regions across Nepal
  • Production of high quality coffee
  • Provides employment opportunities to farmers
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging


Alchi is a brand for creative Nepali products developed in Nepal by a small enterprise. We believe in helping people connect with their roots, and we do so by making products that are inspired by local culture to make lasting memories.    Brand Promise:

  • Products inspired by Nepali culture
  • Aims to bring communities together through games
  • Appropriate for both kids and adults
  • Designed and made in Nepal

Chaichai Confectionery

Chaichai is the only local chocolate maker that manufactures high quality dragees which makes them unique among other chocolate producers in Nepal. Started in small-scale at home, Chaichai is now growing to be a trusted brand in Nepal. Brand Promise:

  • Pure chocolate without any adulteration
  • High quality ingredients
  • Only dragee manufacturer in Nepal
  • Provides women with employment opportunities

Herveda Botanicals

Herveda Botanicals is an all natural skincare brand that scientifically formulates exclusive, luxurious and highly effective products using himalayan herbs and latest innovation in skincare industry.


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